Ksenia Kashirina

My mission

To be a discoverer and help positive captains of their own lives, to realize their professional identity and find their own unique way to self-realization.

What do I do?
I believe, that realization of person's calling and right choice of the unique direction for achieving the goal makes your life and the life of people around you bright and happy.
These talents help me to fulfil my mission
Natural passion for learning and the ability to enjoy new things helps me to be in the process of self-development, constantly fulfilling my knowledge in human development and self-realization, in order to share practical experience with other people in the format of individual or group work.
Positive way of thinking and a smile have been main characteristics of me since my birth. These qualities help me to move forward in spite of everything, to inspire and support everybody around me; to give developing feedback and make people feel themselves confident on their skills and talents.
Energy, purposefulness and stubbornness help me to achieve what is truly important for me, to keep the focus on the goals, differentiate the priorities and contribute to the achievement of the goals of self-realization for my partners.
Unusual way of thinking and the ability to see different opportunities helps me to find many solutions and choose the best of them, to plan the direction for development of the Academy, organize strategic partnerships, put forward and test hypotheses, feel trends and create something new according to them.
Vision of bright and happy future stimulates continuous development and the dream to bring it to life. At the same time, positive perception of my idea charges me with enthusiasm and confidence, helps me to be focused on my goal and to do things to achieve it.
I am proud of these results

  • At the age of 26 I acknowledged my vocation and changed hiring job to entrepreneurship path.
  • I formed a team of experienced professionals, who are fulfilling their mission and calling in the Academy by developing talents of each other
  • I helped 20 teenagers in self-determination in 2018
  • I became the first certified user of the Business Model You® method in Russia
  • I helped to find the calling and do first steps in its realization for more than 30 professionals
  • I created, tested and launched several author individual programs and workshops